Trailer-Mounted Pressure Washers Provide Cleaning Mobility

A trailer-mounted pressure washer system provides everything you need for mobile cleaning. Southern Cleaning Products specializes in customized trailer cleaning solutions. If you need to clean in an area where you don’t have power or water, a trailer-mounted pressure washer is right for you.

A trailer pressure washer system starts with a single or double axle trailer. We mount a water storage tank, pressure washer(s), hose reels and any optional equipment you may need, such as a generator, tool box, lights, or water recovery system. Mobile cleaning options are available for trucks and vans as well, if you don’t want to pull a trailer.

Southern Cleaning Products can build a custom trailer-mounted pressure washer for your business, so you can make mobile cleaning a priority.

Contact us today at at 706-359-6900 or toll-free at 800-356-6909 to learn more about the available options, and we’ll create a custom quote based on your needs.