Industrial Pressure Washers – the Best Brands in the Industry

Southern Cleaning Products specializes in industrial-grade pressure washers. These are far more powerful than the typical pressure washers a homeowner might use, with a rugged durability designed for everyday use.

Southern Cleaning Products is an authorized dealer for Landa pressure washers, one of the best known industrial power
washer brands among professionals in a variety of industries such as farming, manufacturing, mining and trucking. Landa
pressure washers are available in hot water and cold water models.

PHW Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

The flagship of the Landa hot water pressure washer line, the electric motor powers a belt drive pump. Diesel or oil-fired with up to 4.8 GPM of cleaning power. Offers the Landa remote option.

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HOT Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

The HOT is the economical choice of the portable, electric-powered pressure washer line with a heavy-duty high-pressure pump and energy-efficient, horizontal heating coil. 1000 to 2000 PSI, belt-drive.

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ENG Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

The ENG, with its fuel-efficient burner and vertical hot water coil, is the most compact natural gas hot water pressure washer on the market. The belt-drive Landa Karcher Group pump delivers up to 3200 PSI and up to 9.5 GPM.

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EHW Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

This all-electric hot water pressure washer is a compact unit that emits no fumes, and can be placed indoors. Quiet and small enough to fit within a storage closet, the EHW features a stainless steel heating coil immersed in a tank of hot water, so the heating elements never touch the pressurized water. Hot water is generated on demand by pulling the trigger on the gun.

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PGDC Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

The Landa PGDC is a rugged skid pressure washer with belt-drive Landa pump. Delivers up to 3500 PSI; heated by a highly efficient 12V DC burner assembly. Gasoline powered.

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PGHW Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

A rugged skid pressure washer giving a more affordable alternative to industrial cleaning professionals. The belt-drive Landa pump delivers up to 3500 PSI in cleaning power, and the water is heated by a highly efficient 12V DC burner assembly.

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PG Series Cold Water Pressure Washers

Landa Kärcher Group’s flagship cold-water pressure washers, the PG is the most popular machine for everyday use in a variety of industrial cleaning applications. The portable PG delivers up to 4000 PSI and a flow rate of 4.7 GPM.

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SEA Series Cold Water Pressure Washers

The SEA Series is the absolute top-of-the-line stationary, cold water pressure washer on the market. The SEA features a Landa belt-drive pump with U-seals for indoor cleaning applications, from food processing to warehouse cleaning.

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SLT Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

The SLX delivers up to 7.8 GPM and 3200 PSI of hot water cleaning. Diesel or gasoline powered; diesel or oil-fired. Landa belt-drive pump - stationary models.

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Southern Cleaning Products has recently added the Kärcher pressure washer line. As a world market leader, Kärcher offers a
range of products operating with heated or unheated water, powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines,
mobile or stationary.

HDS Compact Class Hot Water Pressure Washers

This compact hot water pressure washer features 2.3 GPM, eco-efficiency mode, easy 1-button operation, integrated tanks, built-in hose/ cable storage, accessory compartment, large wheels and steering roller.

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HDS Mid Class Hot Water Pressure Washers

The mid class machines set the standard in performance, ease of use, economy and service life. They are environmentally friendly and efficient thanks to the Eco mode, a service switch for adjustment of water hardness, turbo fan, precise detergent dosage, optimized burner technology and high pump efficiency.

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HDS Cage Hot Water Pressure Washers

These compact electric roll cage pressure washer models are designed for construction sites, farms and factories where electricity is available. This model delivers hot water cleaning of up to 1,000 PSI using 120V.

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HDS PE/DE Cage Hot Water Pressure Washers

Kärcher Series oil-fired skids are the workhorses of the pressure washer industry. Delivering up to 3.9 GPM of hot water at up to 3,000 PSI, these rugged gas- and diesel-powered pressure washers are built on an open frame using heavy-gauge 1-1/4” powder coated steel and are ideal for mounting to a truck or on a trailer.

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With so many styles and sizes, we can recommend a power washer for any type of cleaning application. We at Southern Cleaning Products are cleaning solution experts, and we will find the right pressure washer to meet your needs – and one that fits within your budget! Stop by our showroom near Augusta, Georgia to learn more, or call us at 706-359-6900 or toll-free at 800-356-6909.
Why buy from Southern Cleaning Products?
  • We have over 25 years of experience.
  • Tough equipment - designed to handle daily wear and tear
  • Our pressure washers are equipped with the best warranties in the industry – a 7-year warranty on the pump and a 5-year warranty on the heating coil.
  • Our pressure washers pass rigid safety tests, and are certified to UL-1776 standards.
  • We have trained technicians for repair.
  • You gain access to our knowledge & experience.